A multi-media tool for people dealing with law enforcement.

We Know Our Rights:

A multimedia video toolkit for people dealing with law enforcement

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Dedicated to Change

Our collective goal is to equip people with practical information to protect themselves and their neighbors from unlawful arrests through tools that spark conversation, education and engagement online and in communities across the United States.

We are excited to be launching this critical initiative at this time designed to provide multimedia resources to political, legal, and community sectors working with various immigrant populations.

We hope these tools will continue to build our collective resistance across the country.

Join the Movement

Help us spread the We Know Our Rights multimedia toolkit with friends, family and colleagues by hosting a screening in your home or community.

Interested in partnering with We Know Our Rights to help make communities safer? Fill out this simple form and we’ll be in touch soon. Check out the videos tab to stream and download the videos. 

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We Know Our Rights
is a collaborative effort between the National Lawyers Guild - SF Bay Area Chapter, producers April Martin and Lucia Palmarini, director David Martinez and countless organizations and individuals like you who help spread the word to inform immigrants on how they can protect themselves and their families. To join the movement, fill out this form to indicate interest in hosting a screening. 


National Lawyers Guild, SF Bay

National Lawyers Guild, SF Bay Area, brings together progressive law students, legal workers and attorneys to function as an effective political and social force in the service of the people, to the end that human rights will be more sacred than property rights. With over 700 members, the SF Bay Area Chapter is the largest National Lawyers Guild chapter in the country.  For more information, visit www.nlgsf.org


April Martin

Lead Producer 

April Martin is a visual artist and activist based in West Oakland, CA.  For her work, April has been awarded a Puffin Foundation Grant, the Ohio Arts Council Individual Excellence Award, the Wexner Center for the Arts New Media Artist Award and has received fellowships from Northwestern University and C-Span Television.  In addition, she has been awarded artist residencies at the Wexner Center for the Arts and the Headlands Center for the Arts.


Lucia Palmarini


Lucia Palmarini is a Chicago and Mexico City based producer, educator and creative consultant working at the intersection of arts, media and social justice for over ten years.  With a Masters in Arts Management from Columbia College Chicago, and a Bachelors in Documentary Studies from the College of Santa Fe, Ms. Palmarini strives to bridge people, resources and vision in order to create a more equitable, connected world.

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David Martinez


David Martinez is a filmmaker and political activist based in San Francisco. He has worked as a videographer in Indonesia, Mexico, Papua New Guinea, Darfur, and Iraq. He has worked as a segment producer for the PBS series Visiones, as well as for the Democracy Now! news program. He has made several documentaries on a wide-range of issues, including Rebels in Darfur, Occupy Oakland, and is currently working on a film about social scientist named  Immanuel Wallerstein.



Strategic Design Firm

REVERB lives and thrives at the intersection of art, politics and community engagement. They help clients find their authentic voice so they can tell the compelling story of who they are, concisely articulate what they do and convincingly explain why their stakeholders should care. 



David Martinez - Writer and Director
April Martin - Series Producer
Sarolta Jane Vey - Segment Producer
Heath Orchard - Cinematographer
Avery Hudson - Cinematographer
Anton Herbert  - Sound Recordist
Jared Taboyoyon - Production Assistants
Hayzel Ortiz - Production Assistants
Lala Dueñas- Stills Photographer
Security - Brother Che- Community Ready Corp
Paul Hill - Post-Production
Luis Guerra- Music


Juan- Omar Toxqui Perez
I.C.E. Agent -Eddie Falcon,
I.C.E. Agent - Greg Harvester
I.C.E. Agent -  Jared Childress
I.C.E. Agent -  Irina Weiss
Voice Over - Lala Dueñas
Olivia - Gaby Karla Diaz
Younger Sister -Maria
Younger Brother - Alex
Woman Being Interrogated - Lauren Garcia


Behind the Scenes

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